Art and beautiful things are neccessary to enrich our everyday lives,
to give us positive energy. Beautiful things can transmute all negativity arount us
to something positive.
I love nature, plants, beauty of the flowers, trees, I love everything organic,
which gives me the best
inspiration for my creations. Nature is incredibly creative.
Gemstones are the oldest creations of the mother Earth ,
some of them came to Earth by the way of Asteroids.
I adore theit color, their energy and their mystery. I was fascinated by them all my life.
Several years ago I started to study their healing power, their color code,
their vibration and their magical power.
I combine with Jewelry creating the study astrology and numerology, healing power
of gemstones, and several other types of mystical arts. 
They give me higher understanding about the correct combination of gemstones
for the best result and for the highest positive and healing  energy for the person
who wears my jewelry.
I like to use really beautiful materials and beautiful gemstones.
Sometimes I choose gemstones that are not quite perfect with inclusions,
and imperfections,
so we can see the unique formation of the gemstones and how the gemstones 
were formed in the Earth. I like to see the beauty in the imperfections as well.

I ,Moneca K Jewelle, consider myself as an Artist,Jeweller and Goldsmith ,
I have my  artist studio in Alberta, Canada.

I was born in Europe, and I studied  School of Applied Arts as a Goldsmith and Metalsmith.
I completed several Master Symposiums Jewelry classes from Revere Academy, San Francisco.
Since my early childhood I was very creative.
I  love colors, I really enjoy to combine them,
and create beautiful things. Balance and harmony are really important for me.

As my attraction to art, colors, gemstones, beauty, and I was fascinated with an art history.
I choose metal as a medium to express my creativity.
I  love to combine different  jewelry techniques with unique gemstones to create 
beautiful powerful jewelry,
it is my passion. 
Only hand fabricated jewelry carries healing and powerful positive energy,
the positive energy is multiplied  with an energy of healing gemstones,
which help us balance our own energy.  
By the process af creating and hand fabricating the jewellery the energy is multiplied.
I work directly in metal, I like to use texturing, fusing and soldering, and other different techniques.
Using ancient jewelry techniques such as granulation combining  it with a
beautiful natural forms to create one of a kind unique beautiful  jewelry pieces.
My jewelry pieces consist from Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver,  Fine Silver
combining with 14K, 18K or 22K gold and
I  incorporate gemstones in almost every piece of my jewelry.

I usually make only one of a kind jewellery pieces , because I make evrything by hand,
by soldering each piece, also each gemstone is unique ,one of a kind.
 I only make things  that I would want to wear myself.
Beauty, grace, correct color combination, balance and  harmony are very important to me.
With a great design and comfort that would never go out of style, and with a one of a kind design
which would last.