Ring-Crystal Matrix Collection-11

Hand fabricated spiral textured oxidized silver and 18K yellow gold band ,using ancient granulation technique with genuine 5 mm Blue Zircon gemstone set in bezel setting .The band is comfort fit, size 8 and it is 7.30 mm wide.

Zircon- is a mineral belonging to the group of nesosilicates. Zircon is a naturally occurring mineral made from zirconium silicate. Zircon is one of the oldest rocks in Earth
The intense luster and strong fire of zircon gives the stone a magnificent sparkle. It must be noted that natural zircon is different from cubic zirconium, which is a synthetic lab-created stone to be used as an affordable diamond imitator. Although colorless zircon is purest form of the zircon and resembles the diamond, the gemstone also comes in a myriad of colors like shades of blue, green, yellow and most commonly brown.
Uses: pituitary and pineal glands, aligns subtle bodies, strengthens the mind, emotional balance, self-esteem, sleep, similar properties to diamonds and quartz crystals. It is associated with all Chakras. It is also believed to possess certain characteristics which act in a positive manner to attract the vibes of wisdom, wealth, self confidence and self esteem. Zircon is also associated with feelings of love and happiness and is believed to being joy and satisfaction to the wearer. Zircon proves to be lucky for the creative minds, such as artists in music, acting, writing and other creative careers as it is believed to make the wearer attractive and famous. The stone eradicates evil and fearful thoughts and also guards against nightmares. It also boosts self confidence, immune system and clears the aura.Light blue zircon aids in the stability and strength of mind. The stone helps to stabilize and control emotions – the wearer can keep a grasp on how he/she is feeling and avoid social outbursts.